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BGMI Lite APK Download 2022 : Battlegrounds Mobile India also known as India ka apna Battlegrounds is a popular Battle Royale game that has became an instant hit in India after it made a comeback in July 2021. Earlier it was known as Player Undergrounds Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile) Tencent and Krafton jointly owned the game, but it was banned by the Government of India as a part of the 59 Apps ban in September 2020.

Krafton started building PUBG Mobile for the indian version and named it BattleGrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and after 10 Months of PUBG Ban, Krafton released the BGMI on 31 July 2021, for Android version and subsequently released the iOS Version on 31 August, 2021 a month after the initial android release.

BGMI lite Download, APK, Pre Reigstration
BGMI Lite Download APK, Release Date, Early Access and More.

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BGMI LITE APK Download, Pre Registration, Release Date Details 2022

Since the inception of PUBG, the developers of the game has been working to improve the game and making various changes. BGMI works in all devices, it also goes upto 90 FPS on devices such as One Plus, POCO by installing certain external files.

However the problem arises with smaller devices, especially lower end devices that gets 10-30 FPS, to solve that problem BGMI is introducing BGMI Lite so low-end device users can experience good gameplay without any lags and bugs.

What can we expect from BGMI Lite ?

Before Launching the final game on the Android Store, they released a beta version for the YouTubers and Beta test users, however when the final version was released, many users were not satisfied with the gameplay as it had some bugs such as getting struck on landing, app failing to open on certain devices, vehicle bugs and countless other.

However, Krafton has patched most of them and even patching new bugs. One of the most irritating about BGMI was there were thousands of hackers but BGMI solved this problem and made the gameplay really well in the past few months. As of now the cheaters and hackers have almost to none. We can expect that BGMI Lite will be well optimized without any bugs, you can always report the bugs through the in-app report feature in the BGMI Lite version.

BGMI Lite Early Access Details

BGMI Lite Early Access will likely be given to YouTubers and Beta testers, Every game has certain rules to who they would offer Early Access and testing. we will update all possible details on how to get the BGMI Lite Early Access Beta Details once the official channel publishes it.

BGMI Lite Weapons, Skins Details

A.RSnipers (DMR, SR, Bolt Actions)ShotgunLMG, SMGsPistolsThrowablesConsumables
M416SKSS868DP-28Desert EagleMolotov CocktailMedkit
M762AWMS1897M249P92Smoke GrenadeFirst Aid Kit
SCAR-LKAR98KSawed-offUZIR45Fire GrenadeEnergy Drink
GROZASLRM1014UMP 45P1911Adrenaline Syringe
AUGVSSTommy GunFlare Gun
MK47 MutantMini14P-90

BGMI Lite Pre-Registrations Date

BGMI Lite has not updated the pre registration date, once it is available we will update and right away notify our readers of the said changes. But, if we have to take a guess it might be likely in Q2 of 2022

BGMI Lite Maps Details

BGMI Lite Maps (Classic)ArenaArcadae
ErangelTeam Deathmatch (TDM)Quick Match
SanhokSantorini (8x8) TDM Sniper Training
KarakinGun GameMetro Royale
MiramarArena TrainingVS AI

BGMI Lite Release Date 2022

Name of the GameBGMI Lite ( Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite)
Developed byKrafton Inc
BGMI Android Release Date 21, July, 2021
BGMI iOS Release Date31, August, 2021
No. of Monthly active users40 Million (~4 Crores)
MonetizationIn-game purchases known as Unknown Cash (UC) starts from 449 rupees ~ 360 UC
BGMI Lite Release Date 2022 (Android)TBA (like 2nd Quarter of 2022)
BGMI Lite Release Date for iOSTBA (like 2nd Quarter of 2022)
BGMI Lite Download
BGMI Lite UC Details

How to Download and Install BGMI Lite on Android and iOS Devices

Download BGMI Lite in Android Devices

  1. Download the BGMI Lite APK from the Official Website (or) Download it from Android Play Store.
  2. Once Downloaded, Hover on the Main Menu of your screen and find the BGMI Lite icon and tap to open.
  3. BGMI Lite will install required files on your device.
  4. Once the required files are Installed, It will restart automatically.
  5. Now open the App again and follow the instructions to set up the game like sensitivity, graphics etc.

Download BGMI Lite in iOS Devices

Unlike Android Devices, you cannot Install BGMI Lite through an APK file.

  1. Search for the BGMI Lite App in the App Store, Tap Get and Install it.
  2. In case you cannot find it on your app store.
  3. Go to the Official BGMI Lite Website
  4. On the navigation menu, you will find the links to Android and iOS
  5. Click on the iOS Store and you will be redirected to the right BGMI Lite App

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